Fitness guru Jack LaLanne joked from time to time that dying would ruin his image. Jack LaLanne the first television fitness instructor died this weekend at age 96. It has been said by those in the health care industry, that "if it wasn't for Jack LaLanne this country would be considerably fatter".

I remember back when I was growing up doing an exercise I thought was named after the 5 foot 6 inch Fitness Pro Jack LaLanne, they were called "Jumping Jacks". I guess I was 20 something when I learned that wasn't the case nonetheless, I kept doing jumping jacks as part of my daily workout. And yes, in his later days LaLanne looked as if his body never aged. Jack LaLanne continued to inspire millions worldwide.   Do you remember reading in the back of the old comic books the Jack LaLane ads that showed the big well built bully kicking sand in the skinny wimps face and then stealing his girlfriend, well that was all the motivation I ever needed. I will miss Jack and rest assured as soon as I finish this cup of coffee and little Debbie Snack Cake, I'll do 25 jumping jacks in honor my ole fitness hero.  Thank you Jack for all those years of inspiration. Look out God Jack's on his way and heave will be a little more fit now.