The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness wants everybody to take just 10 minutes of your day for some physical activity of some kind this Friday with 'Abilene on the Move' Day.

Whether it's running, walking, hiking, or riding a bike, the whole point is to get out and move this Friday.  According to Big Country Homepage, mayor Norm Archibald, along with city of Abilene employees, will take a 10 minute walk from City Hall starting at 10am this Friday (October 12th).  AISD is also getting in on the walk.

You don't have to meet the mayor and city employees at City Hall, or even do it at 10am, to participate in 'Abilene on the Move'.  You can take 10 minutes to walk around your neighborhood, or even work.  Heck, even challenge some of your co-workers to just walk around the block with you.  Whatever you do, the point is to just move this Friday.

I think it's pretty cool that the mayor has these events to raise awareness.  Lord knows, I could use the exercise myself so I definitely will take the mayor up on his challenge.  In fact, my wife and I will be taking a little bike ride after I get off the air on Friday.  I just hope I don't bust my tail falling off the bike.

For more information about this event or the Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness, visit their Facebook page or the city of Abilene website.

Do you plan on taking part in 'Abilene on the Move' this Friday?