Jon Pardi and his wife Summer are expecting a baby girl. The singer's wife shared the sex of their unborn child in a cinematic gender reveal video that she shared to her social media on Monday morning (Oct. 17).

The video is made up of a montage of clips, beginning with previously-shared video of her telling Pardi she was pregnant — this time with sound of his reaction.

"You're pregnant?!" the singer can be heard saying in the beginning of the video.

"Yeah!" Summer responds.

From there, gentle music kicks in as the video takes us through a wide range of scenes from her pregnancy, including an ultrasound shot and black-and-white video of both members of the couple in different shots, holding a bouquet of roses. When the video shifts to color, it's revealed that the roses are pink — as is Summer's dress, and a stuffed animal of a rabbit that Pardi's holding.

"Baby Pardi is a girl," the screen reads at the end of the clip.

In the caption of her post, Summer adds that their little bundle of joy will arrive early next year. "February 2023 ... our little Pardi, party of 3," she writes.

Pardi and his wife shared the news of her pregnancy in September, explaining at the time that they'd been trying to conceive since they got married in 2020.

"After years of no luck and meeting with doctors who just didn't feel like the right fit, we decided to take a break, leave it in God's hands and just enjoy each other and this crazy, fun life we live together … and then surprise, we're pregnant!" Summer said.

Since then, the singer's wife has shared a couple of extra videos about different aspects of pregnancy, including the way she told her husband she was pregnant, and how they shared the news with Summer's parents.

Baby Pardi will be the couple's first child.

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