Hey "Pilgrim" want to own some John Wayne memorabilia? You can own a little piece of history coming next month when more than 700 of Wayne's personal items go up for public auction.John Wayne was a larger than life cowboy with integrity, pride, honor...he was the kind of man you associate with being a great American.  This is one of my favorite lines from John Wayne from the movie McLintock.

Next month the  Heritage Auction house will be selling off costumes, scripts, awards, hats and other personal and professional items once belonging to the tall, gritty cowboy. Speaking of grit, the eye-patch he wore in the the movie "True Grit" happens to be one of the pieces being auctioned off.

Public exhibitions of John Wayne's items will be on display in New York, Los Angeles, and also in Dallas next weekend (September 16-18). If you are going to be in the Dallas area this would be something special to see.

The actual auctioning of the items will be in Los Angeles October 6-7.

Ethan Wayne (son of John) says his dad's fans meant everything to him and so offering his possessions to the public feels right. He also says some things were kept by the family and many others are already in museums but offering it to others to enjoy was something his dad would have approved of.

The auction house says pre-sale estimates are anywhere from $100-50,000. Everything sold will come with certificates of authenticity.

My mom was and still is a huge fan of John Wayne. She already own pictures, mugs t-shirts, DVD's and more. We've even met Ethan Wayne and had our pictures made with him but owning something that was really his, that would make for one extremely happy mama!!
However, I don't think I'll be making it to L.A. for the auction but for those that do; enjoy!!

For more details on the auction visit the auction house website.