Cody Johnson recalled one of the country's deadliest concert events as he stepped in to help a woman find medical care.

  • Johnson's Leather Tour began in January and runs through June 11.
  • The 2024 run of dates is named after his latest album.
  • Video shared on social media does not make clear where or when this interaction took place, but Johnson's most recent show was in Florida over the weekend.

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A social media clip doesn't show the person in need of care, just Johnson's reaction from the stage. He looks to his left and asks for medical attention for someone in the front row.

"This is not a Travis Scott concert. We will stop to help people out," he quips.

Scott is an American rapper who was on stage during the Astroworld Festival on Nov. 5, 2021. As he performed, a crush of fans rushed toward the stage, leading to hundreds of injuries and at least 10 deaths. It's one of the deadliest concert events in U.S. history.

“This is about you. This isn’t about me," Johnson says as a piano plays softly. "So we’re going to stop to take care of this young lady.”

Johnson's tour will return to Florida in March before dates nationwide. This event is the second time in a month he's done something that went viral on social media.

At a Jan. 20 show in California, "The Painter" singer spotted a sign from a young fan that was fighting bone marrow cancer. The two shared a moment together before the singer returned to his job with tears in his eyes.

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