Though there have been several wild-west shootouts throughout the rich history of the Key City, the most famous one in Abilene took place back in 1884. That event involved a wealthy gambler/businessman named Zeno Hemphill, a Texas Ranger, and a Taylor County Deputy Sheriff. For the record, this is not a made-up story, but actual history being recreated.

Known as the "Pine Street Shootout", the incident took place just feet away from where the shootout is currently being re-enacted at Frontier Texas. At one time in Abilene's history, there was a real-life "Cattle Exchange Saloon" at the corner of Pine and North First Street, where a parking lot now sits.

In that very saloon, there was a lot of drinking, carousing, and gambling, even though gambling was against the law. For the most part, cowboys of the time were a rough bunch and not about to be told what they could and could not do, at least not by any lawman. As the story goes, according to the history books:

[Taylor County Deputy Sheriff] Walter Collins was shot and killed on January 8, 1884, in the Pine Street Shootout. He and his brother, City Alderman (aka Mayor/City Councilman) and former Texas Ranger Frank Collins, were attempting to stop illegal gambling in the Cattle Exchange Saloon. An argument ensued and the owner [of the saloon] was not going to be told what to do. The rest is history. A Texas Ranger and Deputy were both shot on the streets of Abilene.
Source: Frontier Texas, see the above Video.

If you're anything like me, you are going to want to catch the action complete with a real gunfight including loud western six-shooters. Frontier Texas will host its annual series of Saturday Shootout re-enactments on May 20, May 27, June 3, June 17, June 24, and July 1. Get there early so you don’t miss the first draw.

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Frontier Texas is an interactive museum experience, where history comes to life. I'll see you there, at 625 North First Street in downtown Abilene. Call (325) 437-2800 or visit for tickets or more information.

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