Over the weekend my wife and I attended a couple garage sales at friends' houses when I noticed my friends' neighbors were having garage sales as well. I asked if this was a neighborhood event they had planned, and my friend responded, "No, that family has a garage sale every weekend."

He seemed a bit agitated, so I offered some insight about the city laws and ordinances for the City of Abilene concerning garage sales. First off, garage sales may only take place in "residential districts", and must follow some pretty strict guidelines.

Heeding the following guidelines will keep you in good graces with the city and your neighbors:

1. It is unlawful for any individual to sell or offer for sale, at a garage sale, property other than personal property.
2. No more than one garage sale shall be allowed on the same lot during any three-month period.
3. The garage sale must not last more than the daylight hours of three consecutive days.
4. Personal property for sale may be displayed only within the residence, in an accessory building, and/or in a rear yard or in a driveway. No personal property shall be displayed in any public right-of-way.
5. The individual(s) hosting the garage sale shall be responsible for maintaining order on the premises and ensuring that vehicles do not impede traffic on the adjacent street throughout the sale.
6. There shall be no continuous outdoor storage or storage of supplies, equipment, or stock in trade on the premises.

As for the garage sale signs we see all over town, one must follow some particular and detailed guidelines. Here are some tips from the City of Abilene:

1. Garage sale signs may not be larger than two square feet.
2. Garage sale signs may only be located on the property on which the sale is being conducted.
3..There shall be no more than one sign per street frontage.
4. Garage sale signs are not permitted on utility poles.
5. Garage sale signs are considered temporary and must be removed by the individual(s) hosting the sale immediately after the conclusion of the garage sale.

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A few words of advice. First, when selling a firearm at a garage sale, exercise due diligence, "follow the law" by attaining all the correct information, and be sure both seller and buyer sign the bill of sale. Second, when selling mounted game animals and/or antlers, make sure they have been harvested legally. Finally, write down where you posted every one of your garage sale signs, so you can pick them up after the sale is over. I hope this helps, and that you have a very successful sale.

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