According to the latest numbers, the Top 13 Texas cities to reside in are known for having a relatively low cost of living. Some of the numbers taken into consideration for rating a city to be inexpensive are housing prices, utilities, transportation, healthcare, groceries, cost of education, and cost of entertainment.

These cities are filling up fast with families and business professionals, many coming from the West Coast and the upper Northeast US. The rapid growth in population may cause the cost of living to rise slightly due to demand for housing and other services.

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Furthermore, what I find extremely interesting is that these are not huge metropolises like Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Planet Houston (as I affectionately call it). The coolest part of this entire survey is that Abilene made the list. Yep, the Key City, the Big Country, and The Storybook of the World.

Texas has recently become a popular destination for families and business professionals. In addition to its vast history and impressive scenery, Texas has one of the lowest costs of living in the country. This article outlining the cheapest cities to live in in Texas will help guide your search for the most affordable places to live in the Lone Star State.

Here's the list according to

13 Cheapest Places To Live in the Lone Star State
13. Waco - The population is approximately 139,236
12. Pasadena -  The population is approximately 153,520
11. Corpus Christi -  The population is approximately 326,766
10. Lubbock - The population is approximately 258,862
9. El Paso - The population is approximately 681,728
8. Odessa - The population is approximately 123,334
7. Amarillo - The population is approximately 23,334
6. Abilene - The population is approximately 123,420
5. Texarkana - The population is approximately 37,333
4. Harlingen - The population is approximately 65,436.
3. Wichita Falls - The population is approximately 153,991
2. Beaumont - The population is approximately 117,267
1. Breckenridge - The population is approximately 5,476
Source: PropertyClub.NYC 

Please note that the numbers are approximate and may vary depending on specific circumstances and changes in the economy.


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