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By becoming a supporting member of the Paramount Theatre you are helping preserve a historic monument in Abilenes' history. Paramount theater is a 501 c-3 nonprofit corporation that helps support so many other nonprofits, charity organizations, public schools, children's, and civic organizations in Abilene and throughout West Texas.

If you think about how much the Paramount Theatre does to help our local community charities, civic, and non-profit organizations, something very familiar comes to mind. The Historic Paramount is a lot like a "potboiler" play. It's a non-profit organization helping non-profit organizations.

When you begin to think back at all the many different events that have taken place in and around the Paramount Theatre in downtown Abilene you'll begin to realize how important it is that we all pitch in to help support the historic Paramount Theater at 266 Cypress Street in downtown Abilene.

By becoming a supporting member of the Paramount Theatre, depending on how much you give, will depend on how much you'll receive in return. The different levels of support one can give to help the Paramount, and they are:

As we begin our 90th anniversary, thank you for keeping this jewel in Abilene's crown open and thriving! Now, let's see what more we can do!

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The Paramount Theatre has a rich history in Abilene and the West Texas area. Here are the Photos to prove it.

Furthermore, you can volunteer to help at the Paramount Theatre as they offer opportunities to assist with their films, performances, and live programming. The best part of becoming a Paramount supporter is the feeling deep down inside plus the fact that your name will be listed at the entrance of the Historic Paramount Theatre at 352 Cypress in Downtown Abilene.

Finally, all the hard-working members of the Paramount have stated what their goal is. "Our goal is simple: Have more events. Thank you!”

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