Hooters is well known for their delicious wings and hot ladies in those familiar tight orange shorts. Now one Hooters girl will be remembered for her huge mistake when she tossed a fair baseball into the stands.

The game was against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Philadelphia Phillies. It was the bottom of the 6th when one of the Rays hitters drove a ball over 3rd base that was fair. That is when this lovely Hooters girl, decided to wing it and pick up the fair ball and toss it into the stands like a boss. At first she doesn't realize what she did, but, a glove palm to the face tells us she knew she messed up.

Watch this Hooters Girl Toss Fair Ball Into The Stands

To her credit, she had very nice form. Plus, she purposely tossed the ball to a little kid, showing her deadly accurate arm and etching an image in the little dude's head that he will never forget.

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