Abilene's Santa is a Santa Claus I've worked with while broadcasting live on location for many years. This year I was asked by a child if Abilene's Santa was the real Santa Claus. I quickly replied with my usual response, "Why of course he is." Then, as I walked away, I thought, "Could he be the real deal?"

When I started giving it more thought I began to wonder, was it right for me to tell that kid that "Abilene Santa" is the real deal? I mean, there are a lot of Santas around the Big Country.

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As we were helping kids jump up on Santa's lap for photos, I learned that Abilene's Santa is indeed the real deal, because he looked me straight in the eyes and asked  whether I was good or not. Then he said he wanted me to participate in his "12 days of Christmas". I told Santa that "The 12 Days of Christmas" is only some silly Christmas song and that, like him, the "12 Days" didn't really exist.

Santa called me aside and told me to check my "anti-Claus" attitude at the door. Then he began to explain to me that the 12 Days of Christmas are indeed real and that he is giving away about $500 worth of goodies for 12 days in December.

He then went on to say that I had better start paying attention or else he would put me, Fearless Fernandez, on the naughty list. Santa said, "I'm inviting everyone to sign up at my Abilene Santa Facebook page to win one of 12 different days in December presents, and each one is worth up to $500."

Wow, this has to be the real Santa Claus! And he's not messing around because the presents will also include some valuable gift cards. You just have sign up on Abilene Santa's Facebook page.

So I guess we here in Abilene are lucky to have a real Santa Claus who cares about our community. The only thing left to do is go sign up and see if you can win one of Abilene Santa's 12 Days of Christmas presents.

Photo by: Abilene Santa
Photo by: Abilene Santa

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