The web hacking group known as "Anonymous" is threatening Facebook with a hacking job so bad it will "kill" the social site.

The group is known for hacking sites world wide and reeking havoc to online businesses. They are individual hackers that join together for a single cause. While some in the organization say this is just another hoax against them, others are claiming the threat is valid but not ALL members are involved in this particular upcoming event.

So why Facebook? The organization claims that Facebook sells your private information to government agencies so that you can be spied on. They claim "Facebook knows more about you than your own family" and that anything you write, post, store on Facebook can and is being used against you by our government. Therefore, they plan on taking down Facebook with a major hacking job on November 5, 2011.

Okay, well since my birthday is November 4th,  that means you all will still be able to send me those Facebook birthday posts!!!!  Just get them posted before midnight.