If your two smaller fingers go numb and you get unexplained pain in your thumb, you do not necessarily have C.T.S. 'Carpal Tunnel syndrome'. If fact there are many other problems that could be causing your numbness and/or pain, according to the latest findings in the American Medical Journal not that many Americans actually have C.T.S. but suffer from other ailments that are mistaken for C.T.S. According to researchers, computers are the main cause for a lot of the pain and numbness Americans are experiencing.  
Most importantly get professional medical advise and treatment, before you allow your doctor to give you expensive injections or even allow them to cut on you, get informed. Many of your problems could be resolved with exercise and/or therapy nonetheless, get a second opinion, find a hand specialist, readjust your computer chair, keyboard and monitors that may even rid you of neck and back pain, in short we Americans have poor posture.
Source: JAMA