The leader of the LulzSec hacking group turned government informant helped FBI bring down the group this morning. Five top leaders were arrested in both the US and Europe significantly crippling if not decimating the hacking group.

Hector Xavier Monsegur also known as "Sabu" who was known as the commander of LulzSec had been secretly working with the FBI for months collecting information on his own organization. The 28 year old Monsegur was an unemployed, single dad of 2, living on welfare in a housing project in New York. However, he was quiet a computer genius, he just chose to use his skills for evil and not good.

The LulzSec is an arm of the better known hacking group "Anonymous" and thousands were under Monsegur's command. The group is responsible for everything from fraud, hacking to conspiracy. They would break into corporate computers and steal information like credit card numbers, emails and other confidential information from the data base. But not only did they go after corporations but also financial and government computer systems as well including the CIA and FBI.

Monsegur was arrested last June, unbeknownst to his co-workers. He decided to work with the FBI and began gathering information on the organization and it's other top officials. He plead guilty to 12 hacking related charges.

Looks like if you are smart enough to do this type of work some company out there would pay you tons of money to find ways to protect their systems from others like you. Maybe Monsegur will get a second chance and turn his life around, he's very young and has 2 kids to think about in the future.