I come from a family that loves to read, and I personally read all the time. It might be magazines, newspapers or books, it doesn't matter really, I just love to read. My mom was a teacher for over 40 years and has always bought books and read to us from as far back as I can remember. Some kids aren't that fortunate however, they don't even have one book in their house. That's where H-E-B Grocery comes in to help with their Read 3 program.

H-E-B started this program in order to reach those almost half-million kids in Texas that are not read to on a regular basis. They have a goal of collecting one million books for these children. They ask that they be new or gently used when donated and then those books will be distributed to children and non-profits.

The company knows that we need to keep our kids educated because they are future workers and need to be able to read and write to be successful. They have book of the month programs and even offer scholarships for reading and writing contests.

Of the 93 million adults in the U.S. functioning at or below basic levels of literacy, 30 million are the parents or primary caregivers of children ages 0-8 (National Center for Family Literacy Fact Sheet).     Literacy Texas

In the U.S., Texas is ranked near the bottom for adults over the age of 25 getting their GED and  drop outs cost the state almost $10 billion each year.  There is a lot to be said of reading and writing and H-E-B is doing their part to help our children learn these in-valuable skills.

To find out how you can participate either as a donor or recipient of books via their Read 3 program check out the H-E-B website.

Will you help out by dropping off books at our local H-E-B?