Well, to be fair--12-year-old Cayden Parson of McKinney, Texas said he was technically trying to use his new Christmas present to set the newspaper on fire. The lawn was just an innocent bystander. ;)

When I was a kid, I always wanted a magnifying glass. Not because I needed one to see at that age, nor because I wanted to set anything on fire. I just thought there was something cool and kinda magical about them.

And honestly, Cayden may have, too. However, he told Fox32 that he also "just wanted to start a little fire." Hmm. That seems safe.

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Cayden's parents told Fox32 they assumed he wanted one because he wanted to use it to read things. I mean, it's a magnifying glass after all.

And again--perhaps he did. But while the family was opening Christmas morning presents, after Cayden unwrapped the magnifying glass, FOX32 reports one of the other brothers said "yay, now we can light stuff on fire!"

And light fires they did. Within minutes the fire spread to the lawn which was soon destroyed. The kids freaked out and ran into the home yelling. Naturally, the entire family then went outside to put out the fire, which had started producing smoke that was going as high as some of their trees. They used sprinklers and blankets to work as quickly as they could.

Cayden's mom, Nissa-Lynn Parson chuckled as she told the FOX32 reporter:

"Make sure you know what your kids want and what they're going to do with their presents."


Thankfully the fire didn't spread to the home or God forbid other houses. And thankfully for Cayden, the Parson parents seem quite good-natured.

But that doesn't mean Cayden is getting off scot-free.

Nissa-Lynn told Fox32 that come spring, the boys will definitely be doing more of the yard work.

Maybe then they'll be less likely to set their hard work on fire. Maybe.

We're just thankful he didn't set THIS "yard" on fire:

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