Get ready to save big bucks and snag those gifts you've been looking for right here in West Texas. The good news is, we have a lot of stores that offer decent prices. However if you don't shop these stores very often you might forget and go elsewhere to shop.

There are five stores I can name right off the bat that are less expensive than the big box stores that think they have us convinced their prices are cheaper. I love these stores because if you spend any time in them like I have, you WILL find awesome deals. My reasoning for the first of my five faves can be pulled from the tagline on the store sign.

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Ollie's claims they've got "the good stuff cheap". And I believe they do. Every time I go in there, I find something for someone in my family that they've been wanting or needing. The best part is, just like their sign says, it's "the good stuff cheap!"

So let's get started with my Fearless Fave Five places to find great deals:

  • #5 is "Five Below" - my daughters introduced me to this store
  • #4 is "Dollar Tree" - I learned about this place when they built it near my house
  • #3 is "Northern Tool" - a friend worked there and told me about the discount table
  • #2 is "Harbor Freight" - what my wife calls my home away from home
  • #1 is "Ollie's Good Stuff Cheap" - and they're right.

So have fun and shop till you drop. Make this Christmas the best one ever.

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