The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) will be busy this holiday season. Texas DPS Troopers will be out on patrol beginning as early as Thursday, December 21, continuing until January 2, 2024. The TDPS just wants to ensure our roads are safe.

My friend Sergeant Marc Couch, TDPS Public Information Officer, asked me to remind our community that if you are driving anywhere in the Lone Star State this holiday season, please drive safely and obey all laws.

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Drive nice, be safe, and no road rage. Below are some of the violations you don't want to commit this holiday season. TDPS will be on the lookout for these specific violations.

Expect to start seeing an increase in law enforcement patrols on the streets in town and all along highways throughout the state. Not only is the DPS going to be out in full force, but so will the Police Department and Sheriff's office.

DPS Sergeant Couch says, "In the spirit of the Twelve Days of Christmas, there are 12 most common factors that cause crashes on Texas roadways. Help us #EndtheStreak by keeping these factors in mind to lower the probability of being involved in a crash." Couch also added that there will be an increased enforcement during the holidays. "Yes, troopers, police and deputies will be working on Christmas and New Year's."

DPS Director Steven McCraw says, "Many of us will be traveling and attending holiday parties. As you spread holiday cheer, add safe driving to the top of your list. Please do your part, every time you get behind the wheel.”
Source: Sgt. Marc Couch, Texas DPS

All law enforcement agencies will be looking for people who have been drinking, are speeding, are on their phones, not wearing seatbelts, and failing to follow the state’s Move Over, Slow Down laws.

What Texas DPS Are Looking For During The Holidays

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