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Every Valentines Day I try my hardest to get my sweetie the most original gift that screams, "Rudy gave me this gift for Valentine's Day." The one gift that I believe I got her the best gift ever, was the year that I noticed that her wedding ring was looking dull. So, that year I bought her a brand new, bigger, better wedding ring set.

Since then, I've noticed that she like, and goes on and on about the most unique gifts that I find for her. Like her Texas Mule Deer antler, and custom-made, utility knife in a sheath. While at first, she thought I bought that for myself, but then she noticed the turquoise color of the antler handle, then she knew it was all for her (because she's always asking to borrow my pocket knife to open letters and packages).

LOOK: These Are The Top Ten Texas-Themed Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

As this Valentine's Day approaches, I'm looking for Ideas. So, I decided to ask our listeners, both on air and through the station's Facebook page "What are some good Texas-Themed Valentine's Day gift ideas?" Here are just some of the ideas the listeners shared with me.

Texas-Themed Valentine's Day Gift Ideas:

  1. Firearm, Gun, Rifle
  2. Texas-themed jewelry
  3. Chocolate-covered strawberries from Abilene's own Candies By Vletas
  4. Texas-Themed art pieces or home decor
  5. Texas Scented Candles like leather, bluebonnets, cotton, new truck
  6. Texas-themed purse or wallet
  7. Texas Calendar, Books, or Magazines All About Texas
  8. Mesquite Grilled steaks
  9. Season Ticket to the Dallas Cowboys

While I genuinely believe that good classy jewelry with big ole diamonds is the best way to a woman's heart. I've learned that unique and well-thought-out gifts from your city or state tend to have that special someone reliving that day in memories for years. For him, in Texas, you can't go wrong with guns, barbecue equipment, tickets to his favorite Texas teams games, or a chef's apron that looks like the Texas flag.

I hope this helps and to all our listeners that contributed I am very grateful and appreciate the ideas. Now, I need to go shopping for a Valentine's Day present for the girl of my dreams. Thanks to Charlie at CDNN Sports and Montana Western Wear for the photos.

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