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Fossil Rim is just a few miles south-southwest of Glen Rose off of U.S. Highway-67 right here in the great state of Texas. I believe that Fossil Rim is the best safari in America bar none. However, USA Today just Rated Fossil Rim as the No.2 safari park in the US. The coolest thing about this place is that they help the animals they receive and get them back to their natural surroundings. Whether it is back to the wild or right there at Fossil Rim.

If you have ever wanted to experience a real-life safari where you not only feel like you're in Africa but also get to experience the animals (as seen in the gallery below) in their natural surroundings. Fossil Rim is where you'll encounter the animals grazing, feeding, mating, and challenging each other for superiority.

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When I went to Fossil Rim several years back I felt as if I were on an honest-to-goodness African safari. But what made it even more exciting and special for my family and me, was that we took their guided tour. I had a choice of driving through on my own.

However, with the guided tour we got to learn a lot more about the different species of animals, how they live, what they eat, how they hunt, and how they protect themselves. To me, Fossil Rim is truly an eye-opening experience, because just when I thought I knew all about an animal I learned something new.

Spend the night at The Fossil Rim Lodge

Now to really blow your mind, how would you like to spend the night at Fossil Rim? Well, you can but you'd better make reservations because they are renovating The Lodge at Fossil Rim. To learn more about this awesome life experience just visit Fossil Rim online.

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