The Abilene Zoological Society hosts their annual Zoobilation, the biggest fundraising event for the Abilene Zoo. "Zoobilation" is a fun, let your hair down evening event. I kind describe it as a "fun, relaxing date-night type of event with music, food, adult beverages, and some up-close experiences with the Abilene Zoos' residents.

You can walk the "Red Carpet" and get a "one-on-one" engagement with the animals during an animal encounter. A wild program that highlights the 'Caribbean Cove’s' transformation with new tropical habitats and some endangered animals (as seen in the photos below).

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime memory-making experience that is a fundraising event to help support the critical projects the Abilene Zoo is currently undergoing. Sponsorships and tickets for Zoobilation are now on sale and can be purchased online.

There will be one-on-one interaction with animals, a dinner will be served, live entertainment, a live auction of some cool sculptures, and souvenirs commemorating the event, and fun for everyone. I think this is the best and most fun springtime party in West Texas, where the money raised goes directly to the improvements of the Abilene Zoo.

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The incredible part is that you'll want to be associated with this event and here's why. Zoo officials will share their future building plans for the Abilene Zoo. You can also stay up-to-date on events, and get all the latest updates when you become a member of the Abilene Zoo for an entire year.

Plus there are special events that occur throughout the year that "Zoo Members" get first come first served privileges, exclusive discount tickets to featured events, and many other amenities that will give you the edge and firsthand are afforded to zoo members only.

BEWARE: Below is a close-up video of a baby Anteater attaching a Croc at the Abilene Zoo. As Zoobilation draws near one can only imagine what Jesse Pottebaum Director at Abilene Zoological Gardens and his incredible staff have planned for the future of our Abilene Zoo.

Photo by: Abilene Zoo / Jesse Pottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo / Jesse Pottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo / Jesse Pottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo / Jesse Pottebaum

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