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The Clyde Citywide Garage and or Yard Sale is where an entire community comes together and has a huge event. Throughout the entire city of Clyde, the residents will be set up for a three-day event. This Garage Yard Sale will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

While the residents can pick which days they want to participate in, some have already said they will be spring cleaning and hosting their garage yard sale all three days. Others have stated that they will host the sale either Friday and Saturday or just on Saturday only.

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The coolest part is that the addresses of which residents are participating will not be posted and a local business known as the Callahan Thrift will be selling the addresses and maps to those residents that will be open on Thursday "Sneak a Peak Day." Likewise for those participating on Friday.

The organizer for this citywide event Aimee Jolly had just released the event flyers and is collecting all the information of those residents that will be participating on certain days. So, folks from Clyde contact Aimee and let her know what days you will be open for business and what hours as well.

As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding, and the folks in Clyde are organizing together for its annual Clyde Citywide Garage Sale. Wherein nearly the entire city combines its forces and displays their gently worn or used goods in their yards, driveways, and garages to attract those looking to buy frugally priced used goods.

Clyde is gathering all the information on who is participating in the citywide garage yard sale. While the "Sneak a Peak Map" will cost you $5, attendees on Saturday will be able to get the map free at the Callahan Thrift Store. therefore if you want to get it before it's gone. As I said, "The early bird gets the worm."

If you live in Clyde and would like to be included in the Clyde Citywide Garage Sale, Aimee says they're asking for a $10 fee to be placed on the list and garage sale map. Fees must be paid by no later than April 29, 2023. Just contact Aimee at (325) 386-8090.

For all the visiting patrons, the maps will be handed out for free on Saturday on a first-come basis at the Callahan Thrift Store located at 314 N. First Street, Clyde Texas. As I like to add one person's junk is another person’s treasure. Happy bargain hunting and we'll see you in Clyde.

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