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It's no secret Clyde, Texas is growing by leaps and bounds and you can see it from the interstate. Christopher McGuire is the City Administrator and Executive Director of Economic Development for the City of Clyde. McGuire recently shared some jaw-dropping information that will make sports incredibly even more fun in the Clyde Independent School District.

Christopher went on to explain that many of the same people that have been working feverishly on the Clyde Lake improvements have been working on a new project they affectionately call the "Clyde Community Park."

Photo by: City of Clyde / Chris McGuire
Photo by: City of Clyde / Chris McGuire

The new addition will all be a huge sports complex, consisting of three tournament-level baseball fields, three tournament-level softball fields, four tournament-level tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, four pickleball courts, a new splash pad, and a new playground.

McGuire went on to say that the construction process has begun and he believes that the entire complex should be completed just prior to the beginning of the 2023 school year. The new "Clyde Community Park" sports complex is expected to help the economic growth and bring in tons of new tourism to the city.

Several photo renderings had been circulated but the latest is the actual layout of how the sports complex will be built. The construction of the new facility is being built adjacent to the Clyde Bulldog Stadium and the Ag-Barn, as you'll see in the above photo.

So it appears that Bulldog Stadium and the Clyde High School tennis courts are getting some company soon.

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