There are so many great TV shows I remember from my childhood. I would love to see some of those remade with the same concept and humor just updated a bit. I've narrowed down my list to these few shows.

There have been many movies and TV shows that have seen a re-birth; Charlie Angels, The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazzard, Odd Couple just to name a few. I have a few of my favorites that I would like to see remade to though. So here are my suggestions for TV shows that I want rebooted.


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    Little House on the Prairie

    Ma and Pa and Half-pint (Laura) and of course that nasty little Nellie. I would love to have another fun, clean, wholesome show on TV that the whole family could enjoy. I'm sure it wouldn't be the same, as it would be hard to re-cast some of the actors; like Michael Landon as Pa or Melissa Gilbert as Laura. They owned those characters but I would love to see a similar type show for the family.

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    Love Boat

    As a kid I always thought it would be so awesome to go on a cruise. Meeting and hanging out with the crew like Gopher, Isaac, Julie and Capt. Stubing. Well a few years ago I got my wish and went on a cruise. However, it was nothing like the show portrayed. Nonetheless, I would love to see this show back on TV. I would cast Jonathan Silverman as Gopher, Kevin Hart as Isaac, Julianne Hough as Julie the cruise director and Patrick Stewart as Capt. Stubing. Who should fill the shoes of Doc and Vicki (Capt.Stubing's daughter)?

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    Fantasy Island

    This show scared me a little as a kid because it seemed someone always disappeared from the island or at least that's what I thought. As I got older I enjoyed the show; especially when Tattoo yells out ' plane, de plane'. Anything was possible on this beautiful, lush, tropical island. They tried a re-boot of this in the late '90s but I think now enough time has passed it might actually work. I don't know the man's name but the 'Dos XX' mystery guy should play 'Boss' which was originally played by Ricardo Mantalban. Who would you cast as Tattoo?

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    I Dream of Jeannie

    I loved Jeannie's bottle that she lived in; I always thought that would be the coolest thing ever. Plus, she was so naive and trusting of people; I miss that in people. So an astronaut finds a bottle on the beach and picks it up only to discover that the Jeannie inside would forever live with him. Then he falls in love with her and marries her. Tell me that storyline wouldn't still work today!