Every time you turn around there is something new the kids want. A Kindle isn't enough, now they want the Kindle Fire. A cell phone isn't enough now they want the iPhone 4S. The Wii wasn't enough now they want Playstation 3. I had an Atari, didn't get a cell phone until I was almost 30 and I still just have a flip phone, and I just got a laptop a few months ago. When I was in school you actually had to use a library for research papers, kids don't even know what the Dewey decimal system is but they do know Google. I typed all my papers in college and it wasn't on a computer!

My thoughts here go two ways. There is too much out there that kids want, and it's expensive. But at the same time we have to make sure they grow with the technology. I gripe all the time about the 12 year old constantly wanting the latest and greatest (they have no concept of money) when I don't even have those things myself and I have a job!

So here's the question, are we spoiling our kids by buying them every new gadget that comes out or are we just giving them the tools they need to keep up with the fast moving times?