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I drive by them all the time and I gaze at him in wonderment and amazement as to what they might be like on the inside. You know what I'm talking about, It's those prestigious, historic homes on Abilene's infamous Sayles Blvd.

Well, now you can spend a night, a weekend, or an entire week in this amazing prestigious old historic home on Sayles Blvd right here in Abilene Texas. Now, if you check out the Abilene homes on Airbnb you'll notice that this is one of the more expensive ones in Abilene and throughout the Big Country.

While this in particular Airbnb will only cost you $6,276 before taxes for a one-week stay, it's not the most expensive one either. The Mountain Ranch-style cabin on Leggett Dr. will cost you over $1000 a night.

This Airbnb on Sayles Boulevard is known as "Hatties House," and it's on the National Registry as an 1889-build Victorian home. Hatties House can host up to 14 guests and has a total of six bedrooms, with seven beds, and 6.5 bathrooms. In the backyard, you will discover an incredible swimming pool, a relaxing hot tub, and beautiful landscaping throughout the property.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to book this Historic Hattie's House on Sayles Blvd and check it off the bucket list.

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