If you have some old tires laying around and don't know what to do with them, check out Abilene's Tire Amnesty Days this weekend. Not only can you get rid of your tires for free, but you can also score a free rain barrel.

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What is Tire Amnesty Days

Each year the city of Abilene lets residents dispose of old tires for free. You can dispose of up to 8 passenger tires, free of charge. Up to 8 truck tires can be disposed of as well, but it will cost you $5 a tire. All tires must not have rims or they will not be accepted. Also, you will have to show your proof of residency such as a driver's license or bill to show that you actually live in Abilene.

When and where can you drop off new tires?

You can drop off those old tires this Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm at the Environmental Recycling Center located at 2209 Oak Street in Abilene. If you have questions, you can call them at 325-672-2209.

What about my free rain barrel?

The free rain barrels will be available at the Environmental Recycling Center beginning at 8 am on Friday, May 20th. Now, there will only be about 200 rain barrels to give out so it is first come first serve. Trust me, if you want one, you'll want to get out there as early as you can because if you go too late you may be out of luck.

You can check out more information on the City of Abilene's website.

Photo Credit: City of Abilene
Photo Credit: City of Abilene

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