Well I've never participated in a Relay for Life event but I know they are spectacular and the money raised is absolutely a great cause. The more money raised the more lives are saved. I have a special reason for participating this year as I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I haven't spoken publicly about it but I feel it's time as we need to raise money to fight this disease. I was diagnosed in February and had a double mastectomy last month. I just had my first of 6 rounds of chemo. So if you see me out soon and I have no hair or am sporting "new style or length" that would be the reason. If I'm gonna lose my hair then I might as well have fun with it!!

I am in great shape. The cancer is gone, all tests look great and I'm doing the chemo is an insurance policy to make sure we get anything that might be in the bloodstream. My doctors have been great, all my surgery and chemo are being performed here in Abilene.

I would love for you to donate to our team during this years Relay for Life event. There is so much progress that has been made in cancer research as we tell you each year with our efforts in helping St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Research is the key to finding cures but there is so much more. The American Cancer Society helps the cancer stricken find, ways to make the cancer process easier. They provide counseling, information, services and events like Relay for Life to raise money.

Four years ago I lost a much loved cousin to colon cancer, she fought so hard and with so much grace that she has been my inspiration. Two weeks ago my boyfriends father past away from a two year fight with incurable tumors. We have to keep pushing to find ways to end this horrible disease.

This years event is April 20-21st at Elmer Gray Stadium at ACU's campus. We will walk from 7pm to 7am and raise money to fight cancer. My co-workers, who have been great to me through all of this, set up a team in my honor: Team Shay. I would like to encourage you to donate or participate in this years event if you have the time or means to do so.

Information can be found at 2012 Relay for Life website or you can donate by going to our team site; Team Shay.

Please watch this video as it can explain so much more than I can how Relay works and why it's done. Hopefully I'll see you at the track.

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