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The Abilene Cancer Services Network (CSN) is once again hosting its 8th Annual Wild Game Dinner better known as the "Fur, Fin, and Fowl Fundraiser." The CSN's main goal is to provide hope and help to all local area cancer patients, cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers.

Abilene's CSN assists by providing financial, emotional, spiritual, and social services for all West Texans. If you are needing help now, call the Abilene CSN at 325-672-0040 or go to their Cancer Services website.

Cancer kills one in every four people in the U.S. every year, as you'll learn in the video below. We can all agree that cancer is expensive to treat, it puts a massive burden on the patients, their families, and the community as well. Nearly cancer patients ask "how will I ever pay for all the treatment and medicines?"

Cancer Services Network to the rescue. In 1998 CSN was founded by Dr. Victor Hirsch made it very clear that he wanted to establish a non-profit foundation to receive and distribute money donations to assist in the treatment and the care of cancer patients.

CSN was the answer because it became a community-based nonprofit organization. Since then, they have been dedicated to serving cancer patients and their families throughout 19 counties in the Big Country.

Now, Cancer Services Network continues with their fundraiser titled the "8th Annual Fur, Fowl & Fin Fundraiser Dinner." On Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 6 PM. The dinner will be held at the 201 Mesquite Event Center, tickets are available but you better hurry and secure your tickets now. Tickets are only $100 a person and sponsorships are still available.

As the title of this event alludes to, you'll enjoy some wonderful fur, fin, and fowl wild game for dinner. If you would like to sponsor, donate and or Participate call CSN at 325-672-0040 or go to their website to inquire about sponsoring this event.

The 7th Annual Fur, Fowl & Fin Wild Game Dinner begins when the doors open at 6 pm on June 23rd. Besides the wild game dinner, there will be a raffle, and auction to benefit Cancer Services Network. If you can help and or donate please do so, our community needs you now.

Photo By: Nancy Lyles / Cancer Services Network
Photo By: Ginger / Cancer Services Network

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