If there's one talent moms have, it's their killer poker face. That's why you may not have noticed any disappointment from gifts you've given her on a holiday, birthday or Mother's Day in the past, from macaroni necklaces to wilted bouquets. And though we're sure you've given her lots of things she adores, you don't want to make the mistake of giving her something she doesn't.

Here's a list of five things to avoid handing over on Mother's Day:

1. Flowers from a Delivery Company

You can give flowers to mom, but make sure you head over to your local floral shop and ask them to arrange and deliver the pretty bouquet. When you order from a mass online website, mom gets the flowers in a box and has to arrange them herself. Many times the flowers aren't what you ordered from the picture, either. Pay the same amount and support local business, instead.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Mother's Day is about showing mom your appreciation, not about reminding her of all the times she's cleaned up after you or your family in the past. Though cleaning supplies and similar are useful, choose something that pampers the hard-working woman instead.

3. New Pet

Even if mom has been talking about getting a fuzzy feline or adorable puppy, don't even think about splurging on a surprise pet. Pets are a large responsibility and years-long commitment. Let mom buy her new companion when she's officially ready and has a say on which creature to take home.

4. Loads of Cheap Sweets

Everyone loves a little candy here and there, but leaving mom with a jumbo serving of confections can be an irritating temptation for weeks to come. If you know she loves food, opt for a small sampler of luxury chocolate that she can finish in the next few days, but skip the economy box of 50 candies.

5. Anti-Aging Products

Rich lotions? Yes. Aromatic bubble bath? Of course! Anti-aging creams? Don't even think about it. This is a day to make mom feel good about herself, not to send her subliminal messages about her appearance.

- Contributed by Wendy Gould

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