Summer is here, and the kids are out of school. As working parents know, it's difficult to take the whole summer off in order to stay home with a child. So we're faced with finding other options. Some parents, enrolling their child in daycare. Others will have children stay with a relative or friend. But there are some parents who don't have those options, and are in the tough situation where they have to decide whether or not to let their kid stay home alone.

For any parent, their child's safety is the ultimate concern. Next, believing that the child will not lower the property value in any way. But it's a judgement call. Whether you need to leave your kid at home out of necessity or its just a kid-free trip to the grocery store you desire, every parent has to decide whether or not their child is old enough, responsible enough, and mature enough to stay home alone.

So, how old is old enough? What is the youngest age you can leave kids home alone?