Facebook has become a worldwide obsession. I know, because even my mother has a Facebook page. But with every cool thing in the world there are drawbacks. Here, we've given a list of the 5 most ridiculous things we hate about Facebook. Please feel free to comment below.

  • Timeline

    The next generation of Facebook. Not my generation.

    The Timeline feature was supposed to be an amazing new way for Facebook members to easily organize their posts, comments, pictures and other activities. I'm still waiting to meet the person who even likes it, much less thinks it's amazing. Timeline is just plain difficult to follow. The layout of the page gives me the feeling that I'm trying to visually follow a lace on my shoe. My eyes jogging back and forth to keep track of a News Feed in chronological order makes my head hurt. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Timeline was added to keep people from spending too much time on Facebook.

    Getty Images, Stephen Lam
  • Drama

    Cyber-drama, putting Jerry Springer out of business.

    Facebook drama is the online equivalent of seeing someone you know have a drink poured over their head at a restaurant. It's just plain uncomfortable for everyone watching, and nobody wants to see it happen. There are ways to express your anger, and Facebook is not one of those ways. May I suggest a strongly worded email to the person who ticked you off? Just keep all the rest of us out of it. Please.

    Getty Images, Stephen Lam
  • Game/App Requests

    Otherwise known as "Spam From Your Friends"

    For some people, Facebook is nothing but a virtual playground, where they get to feed farm animals, hunt for jewels, and play puzzle games. Fine. Just stop asking me to join you. I'm too busy writing blogs about Facebook to raise virtual cows and sheep. A friend of mine recently had a brilliant idea, and posted it on his Facebook page: "If you continually get those pestering app invites, rather than blocking the app, just delete the person that continues to send you those invites. Makes it a lot easier on me." Amen.

    Getty Images, Stephen Lam
  • Unreadable Comments

    What the what?

    Someone takes the time to read your Facebook Wall Post, and proceeds to reply with gibberish. Something you have to read 3-5 times just to get the basic point they are trying to make, and even then it's not a valid point. Often times, that person's comment is followed by other Facebook friends asking "what does that mean?", also known as "WTF?!?". People that do this should think the idea through 3-5 times before posting. Either that, or just click the "Like" button and move on. Or, just move on.

    Getty Images, Stephen Lam
  • The Disappearance of the "Dislike" Button.

    I feel like I'm being treated like a cyber-child

    Maybe a few bad apples spoiled it for all of us, but that's what "Unfriending" is for, right? Look, I'm all for keeping things positive and making Facebook a happy place for all involved. But if they think taking the "Dislike" button makes everybody more safe and happy, they're wrong. I don't know what is wrong with posting "The Spurs Are Better Than The Thunder!" and allow people to either "Like" or "Dislike". I'd rather see that activity than someone telling me how many virtual cows they fed today.

    Getty Images, Stephen Lam