With the summer days getting hotter, it seems our appetites are diminishing quite a bit. I know that during the summer, I tend to eat out less, for the simple fact that, the heat takes it out of me and nothing really sounds good. So, I compiled a list of places that do sound good, even in the dead heat of summer. Check it out, here are my top five choices see if you agree.

  • Jason's Deli

    Sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit will cool you down

    Jason's Deli has two locations in Abilene now and they've always got their salad bar fully stocked with fresh salad, fruits and vegetables. Besides, while I was there eating dinner, I noticed a young lady refilling and topping off all the containers of food and dressings. There's nothing better than watching a relaxing baseball game on their TV while I enjoyed a cool refreshing salad and some fruit. My wife found comfort in a cold sandwich and fresh fruit.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
  • Cold Stone Creamery

    I like the Mocha ice cream with chocolate sprinkles

    After a nice refreshing dinner or a hard days work in the yard, nothing spells relief like some, made to my likings, ice cold, with extra sprinkles, ice cream. I also ordered a banana-mango smoothie. Hows that for cooling down on a scorching hot summer day.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
  • Subway Sandwiches

    Subway's a given on a sizzling hot summer day

    Okay, who doesn't love Subway on a hot West Texas day? They make it right there in front of you, the cold cuts and veggies are fresh and they always have freshly baked white-chocolate macadamia nut cookies. If you're not in the mood for a sandwich, create your own salad. I always say "Coolness goes hand in hand with Subway sandwiches."

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
  • Nikki's Swirl Shoppe

    Frozen Yogurt, what else is there?

    Nikki's Swirl Shoppe is as it's sign implies, a 'self serve yogurt shop' and that my friend, is just too cool. I discovered Nikki's after a record setting, super hot day in the pool, too cool off afterwards some of the ACU kids said, "let's all meet at Nikki's". I've been addicted ever since. They carry the basic flavors and then some, but you will make it your own creation. I add nuts and candy sprinkles topped off with some yummy gummy bears and you've got the fruity Rudy special.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
  • Sharky's Burrito Company and Red Mango Yogurt

    The perfect combination burrito's and smoothies

    My best kept secret to date is, a little place I call 'my slice of heaven.' Located at North 10th and Judge Ely Blvd inside the United Supermarket. It's my most wonderful little place, Sharky's Burrito and Red Mango, they'll cool you right down with a burrito (you create it kind of like at a Subway sandwich shop) and a tropical yogurt smoothie from Red Mango's across the isle. it's like a 'A Taste of the Bahamas'.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez