According to the latest Federal Trade Commission report, December 2010 was a record setting holiday season, at least when it comes to how much we spent during the holidays, or maybe not. The numbers show a clear and concise increase, but retailers say different.

The numbers are in and they are like this, in 2007 Americans spent $452 billion and some change, then the economy hit the brakes and we went spiraling down. In the 2010 holiday season Americans spent just over $460 billion, the first real increase since 2007. An upward movement nonetheless but retailers are stuck with more inventory than ever before because those designer jeans you paid $39 for in December of 2007 cost $65 in 2010. The real story here is, we spent more and bought less (I call that INFLATION). You tell me, take a REAL GOOD HONEST look back at this past Christmas season and what all you bought, were there less boxes under your tree? Did you buy less with more money?

source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics