5 Things You Need to Remember When Getting a New Puppy
Our family just welcomed in a new member. Her name is Penny, and she's currently fits in the palm of my hand. We already have 2 other dogs, so my wife and I figured adding a third would be no big deal. We've raised dogs from puppies before, so this would be a piece of cake, right? It seem…
10 Adorable Dreaming Puppies
Ahh, puppies. We have no idea how it's possible, but everything they do is so darn cute. They can wear an Elvis suit, prepare for Hurricane Sandy or even subject themselves to toddler torture, and they're still ridiculously charming.
Here’s A Corgi And A Kitten Snuggling
We could offer an explanation of this. But we really don't have one, and do you really need one? It's just an adorable Corgi puppy and an equally adorable kitten snuggling, and arguing in their sleep over who gets the most pillow. Oh, and chewing on each other's feet...
Cat Opens Door For Puppies
Cat and dog lovers alike will be grinning after this one, in which Buster busts out some MacGyver moves on a sliding door to help his puppy friends get back into the house.
Pets Take on Stairs in Adorable Videos
Aside from being ridiculously adorable, our pets offer up some pretty funny entertainment. For starters, they casually hang out for photo shoots and sneeze to the beat of Dubstep. Basically, if there's a cute behavior to be documented, you can be sure we're on it!
Lost Boy Survives By Cuddling With Puppies
Last Wednesday, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome was found alive in the woods after he went missing from his home the previous day. But here's the part that the internet will love -- he survived by huddling with a pack of puppies for warmth. Sadly, no cats or corgis were involved as far as …
Dog Risks Life To Save Her Puppies [VIDEO]
A dog had just had puppies in the scorching Arizona heat.  She had nowhere to go but new her babies needed help.  She laid in the middle of the street until finally a caring couple stopped to help her.
North Shore Animal League teams Up With Abilene Rescue
The North Shore Animal League is in Abilene April 5th and 6th only. N.S.A.L. will team up with Rescue the Animals and several area animal control shelters to host the largest adoption celebration ever in the history of west Texas. Complete with live entertainment in the form of Zack Harmon.This cele…