Lee Brice’s Bus Catches Fire in Arizona
Lee Brice‘s new single ‘A Woman Like You’ is currently burning up country radio and the country singles chart, but this weekend it was his tour bus that was doing all of the burning. Saturday afternoon (Jan. 21), Brice’s bus caught on fire outside of Toby …
Billy Dean’s Barn Destroyed in Fire
Early ’90s hitmaker Billy Dean received horrible news while on tour with Kenny Rogers shortly before Christmas. His 1,500-square foot barn burned to the ground after a fire started on Dean Acres, his farm in Smithville, Tenn., a small town located 65 miles east of Nashville.
Fire Resistant Safe is not so Safe For Valuables
I was just out with my father in-law who had just purchased a brand new Chrysler 300 in Houston and he was in town, while here he wanted to get another key as a backup. We were informed that those Chrysler keys needed to be programed and were not just some old key you could buy at any ole hardware …
Trace Adkins’ Daughter Saves Puppies From House Fire
As if it weren’t incredible enough that Trace Adkins and his family emerged from their recent house fire relatively unscathed, now comes word that the Adkins’ puppies were rescued from the blaze by none other than Trace’s 10-year-old daughter, Brianna.