When you call the fire department you expect them to come, fast, with lights swirling and sirens blaring. However, for one Tennessee community that just doesn't happen, unless you've paid your yearly dues. They will literally let your house burn to the ground as they watch and do nothing.

Vicky Bell is a resident of Obion County in Tennessee. She lost her home to a fire because she failed to pay a $75 fire protection fee. Obion County does not have a fire department of it's own, they must depend on the neighboring county of South Fulton for services. This is the second time that the fire department has been called out to a fire and done nothing. Bell says she called 911 and units were dispatched. However, she stood on her mothers porch and could see the fire engines but they did nothing except to let her home burn to the ground.

This isn't the first time the department has been accused of such practice and the Mayor says after the first time it happened he had hoped the residents had learned a lesson. Pay your fee or don't receive services.

The South Fulton county department is in need of money to operate and therefore a $75 fire protection fee from residents was instated. If you do not pay your fee then they will do nothing when called out unless a life is in danger.

The county, mayor and fire department are all coming "under fire", so to speak, because of their inaction. So should they keep with this policy? Do they have a point? It does cost a lot of money for operation. Should they protect homes no matter what?