We've all walked through our homes in the dark on many occasions and never bumped into anything, have you ever done it under stress though? October 8th through the 14th is 'Fire Prevention Week' and a great time to practice getting out of your home under stress, in the dark and have at least two escape routes. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says the 2012 Fire Prevention Week theme is “Have Two Ways Out”, do you?

This year’s NFPA theme,“Have Two Ways Out”, focuses on the importance of escaping a fire and practicing the alternate escape plans. Retired firefighter Pete Beretta says "the best plans are the ones you've practiced over and over again with your kids, ensuring they know how to get out safely, even when parents or grown ups are not around to help them get out.The best plan is the plan that saves lives." Pete said don't just practice, make sure fire alarms and smoke detectors have fresh batteries and make sure your house is fire safe. The Abilene Fire Department is available to do fire safety home inspections or for the "do it yourself" check list go the the NFPA website to download the list and for more safety tips.

Fire prevention week is not just for kids in school, it also involves us making sure we have an emergency plan in place. It is important to have several fire escape plans for your home. practicing your escape plan helps prepare your family to think fast and get out quick when the smoke alarm go off. If your first escape route is blocked by smoke, heat and/or flames, you'll have to resort to secondary plan. That's why having two ways out is so important.