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Like Using Your Cell Phone In the Car? A New Device Will Stop You
Statistics are showing more and more that cell phone use in cars is a leading cause of accidents. In fact, some research has shown that driving while distracted causes more deaths than driving while under the influence. But, would you buy a new device that prevents you from ever using your cell phon…
Fan Catches Foul Ball While Talking on Cell Phone [VIDEO]
Generally, when a spectator at a baseball game catches a foul ball he’s next seen fielding a call from a friend or a relative who saw him make the snag on TV.
This Texas Ranger ran took that congratulations right away because he was already deep into a cell phone conversation when he casually grabbed…
Cell Phones Are Not Welcome Everywhere [VIDEO]
While I have only heard the horror stories of the people that get caught texting and or talking on cellphones in the movie theaters. This guy is at a live orchestral quintet performance. The players take care of the violator themselves. I think it's kind of funny, you tell me.