While I have only heard the horror stories of the people that get caught texting and or talking on cellphones in the movie theaters. This guy is at a live orchestral quintet performance. The players take care of the violator themselves. I think it's kind of funny, you tell me.

Now if I was this guy I would have said, "I GOTTA GO!" Instead he keeps chatting away a little bit longer. Needless to say there are places where you should never use a cellphone into like, church, doctors office, funerals, movie theaters, unless it is an absolute life or death emergency.

I wasn't for sure that there was even any real cell phone etiquette , but after a couple of search's I found that such an animal does exist. The "How to Practice Proper Cell Phone Etiquette" is the perfect video to send to those who keep breaking etiquette.

While talking with one of my daughters I learned that, even if you "text" in the movie theaters in Abilene you will be kicked out or have your phone taken away, because it happened to her and her friends. Another daughter tells me of the story of a girl that kept talking (trying to whisper) during a movie when another girl in front of her yanked the phone out of her hand and stomped on it, shattering it to bits. She said the theater then erupted into applause and the "de-phoned" young lady ran out crying only to return with the police 20 minutes later.

See, that proves it cell phones are nothing but a big pain. Now if you'll please excuse me, I got to get this call!

Phones are getting smarter and smaller and they are now being incorporated into cars, computers, watches, vending machines and as Shay blogged about back in May, cell phones as thin and made of PAPER! Yes, paper and some are now disguised as jewelry and clothing.