Can Allergies Cause Cancer?
If you have allergies, you may need to worry about more than just sniffles and sneezes. A new study indicates allergy sufferers may have a higher risk of developing cancer.
Small Steps to Fighting Cancer [VIDEO]
As a cancer patient I am now paying more attention to information about ways to fight or prevent the disease. If and when I run across something I might want to try I ask my oncologist what his thoughts are on the subject. Needless to say, after watching this video, I will have some questions for…
Abilene’s Relay for Life is Next Weekend
Well I've never participated in a Relay for Life event but I know they are spectacular and the money raised is absolutely a great cause. The more money raised the more lives are saved. I have a special reason for participating this year as I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
Finger Size Determines Your Risk of Prostate Cancer [VIDEO]
British researchers have discovered a direct correlation between the length of a mans index finger to the probability of him getting prostate cancer. Here's the deal, if a mans index finger is longer than his ring finger, he runs a 33 percent lower risk of getting prostate cancer. As soon as yo…
Reddit Makes Dream Come True for Terminal Cancer Patient
Nachu Bhatnagar is huge fan of Harry Turtledove’s book series ‘The War That Came Early.’ The next installment of the alternative history take on World War II comes out in June but, tragically, Bhatnagar has terminal cancer, and may not make it that long.
So Bhanagar’s good friend, Reddit user kivadid…
Sunscreen Damned If You do, Damned If You Don’t [VIDEO]
A new book by Dr. Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S. declares that, sunscreen that has kept millions around the world from frying like bacon in the sun and protected us from contracting skin cancer, may in fact be causing the very cancer we are protecting ourselves from. Not to mention that sunscreen is killi…

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