British researchers have discovered a direct correlation between the length of a mans index finger to the probability of him getting prostate cancer. Here's the deal, if a mans index finger is longer than his ring finger, he runs a 33 percent lower risk of getting prostate cancer. As soon as you stop staring at your fingers, check out the video to learn more on how this really works.

Researchers conducted the right hand study on over 4,500 men and found that the decreased risk was even greater among men under the age of 60.  The lower exposure of testosterone during prenatal activity increases the length of the index finger and the lower the exposure to testosterone in early developmental stages proved to be the protection against prostate cancer later in life, so says the U.K. researchers.


To lower your chances of prostate cancer, keep your weight down, exercise regularly, and eat plenty of broccoli, cauliflower, pomegranate, and red fruits and vegetables.