The latest technology in cars is a sports car/chopper. It looks like a dragster but is a little more street legal.
The work being done to produce these cars or traycycles as they are known is by former space shuttle employees.

Engineering, design and production of these new cars is being done by employees who up until a few weeks ago were employed by the NASA Space Center. They were workers on the former space shuttle program and when the program was shut down many of them lost their jobs.

Adam is one such former space shuttle employee. He is a aerospace engineer, still employed by United Launch Alliance he now also works for the company that builds the traycycles.

The traycycle can go 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, and weighs only 1200 lbs. It's part sports car and part chopper.

Ray Ackley is designer and CEO of traycycles and feels this is a great way to keep people employeed. A lot of the people that were laid of from their NASA jobs can't move because of family and financial constraints so this is a great job for these folks.