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Space Center Houston Adding Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Display [LIVE VIDEO]
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Right now at Space Center Houston, one of the original Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Boeing 747s is being joined to the Space Shuttle mockup Independence. The two aircraft will form part of a new display at the space center…
Tire off of Space Shuttle Columbia Comes to Cross Plains Library
After many months of paper shuffling and countless weeks of submitting written requests and hours of planning events and activities, a piece of history is finally coming to the Cross Plains library. One of the tires off of the Space Shuttle Columbia will be making at least a three year tour stop in …
Shuttle Oddesy Gets Ready To Launch [VIDEO]
Although the NASA is going to moth-ball the space shuttles, it is still jaw dropping at the magnitude of what takes place to prepare for a launch. The size of the hangers, transport truck and launch pad. This is one cool video!
Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch Delayed
You may remember, or maybe not, that Endeavour was to launch from Florida last Friday.  Yes, that was the same day as the Royal Wedding so it took a back seat.  However, the launch was delayed for mechanical reasons.
Space Shuttle Replacement Revealed
I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the space shuttle being on it's last couple of missions and wondered aloud what was next for NASA. Well it seems they've already been working on the shuttle replacement and while it's still in it's infancy, the model is being built and then wil…