The 24th annual "Run For The Wall" is a bike ride, as in motorcycles, across the U.S. from California to Washington D.C. to show support, honor and respect for our military. There will be between 400-500 motorcycles passing through Abilene on I-20 this Saturday, May 19th.  This will be something special to see.

The riders will be on I-20 heading from Odessa to Grand Prairie on their trek across the U.S. to their final destination of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. The group provides a safe, supportive and private environment for all VETS, families and friends. They invite everyone to come out and show your support to and for our troops serving in the military.




Saturday May, 19th



2:15- 2:45 pm (Approximately)



I-20 & Fulwiler Rd.



For more information on the organization and event please see the RFTW website or their Facebook.