The saga begins a few weeks ago, when my little princess asked me for some new "Bella Ballerina Skechers" that she saw on TV. It was on one of those kid channels. The next time the commercial comes on, she DVR's it, and summons me to sit and watch it, several times. That's when I challenged her, that if she wants those shoes she needs to do a long list of chores and complete the list by the end of the week. I'm thinking, I am going to save some bucks here, 'cause she can't get all this done, right?

Well the so called laundry list of chores was completed in record time, Wednesday to be exact. I learned something here, never get between a female and her shoes! Yep, she finished the chores and then reminded me that we were promptly going shoe shopping. Now I've done this with my wife in the earlier years, now she spares me. Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon and some on Friday during lunch. I am convinced, they are not in any store in town or at least the ones I've checked. They are like unicorns and fairy dust, like prince frogs and nice-mother in-laws , these shoes do not exist. So the journey continues and I guess I will try a few more stores over the weekend, then I'll have to order online, bummer (tic).

I have asked my Facebook friends for some help finding these so the "little princess" can quit reminding me, "you promised dad."

Which brings me to my final question, what is with women or girls and their shoes? I don't get it! Can someone enlighten me please?