If you've ever had a family member with Alzheimer's then you know they are almost like keeping up with small children. They can wander off on foot or they can get in their car drive off and not remember how to get back home. It's frightening, but their may be a new way to track those patients. Manufacturer GTX Corp. and footwear firm Aetrex have a new shoe with a GPS locator built in.

The shoes were intended to help locate missing children, think Elizabeth Smart or Polly Klaas, but other uses have been found for the shoes like for Alzheimer's patients. The shoes are now being made and marketed for adults.

The shoes are around $300 and have a tracking device located in the heel of the shoes. A caregiver can set up a monitoring device and set a predetermined perimeter, if the person wanders from that specific area then an alert is sent.

The technology works much like the GPS trackers in cell phones, it will keep track of your coordinates and monitor your movement. The FCC certified the shoes this year and the GTX Corp. says that the benefit of the shoes outweighs the price tag.

Andrew Carle, a nationally recognized expert in 'Nana' technology for seniors and a professor at George Mason University said; “up to 60% of individuals with Alzheimer's will wander and become lost at least once during the progression of the disease, and up to 70% of those who become lost will do so more than once. The GPS Shoe is both life saving and a resource saving technology that will be instrumental in our ability as a nation to address the issues of wandering.”

The GPS technology can find you to within 37 feet of your actual location.