There are a few holidays that show up on the calendar but we really don't celebrate as much as we probably should. I've decided to highlight these so that in the future you can keep them in mind.

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    Flag Day-June 14th

    June 14th is Flag Day which celebrates the adoption of the flag by the United States by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777. This holiday is often skipped over and everyone concentrates on July 4th. Those who do remember the holiday simply put out a flag for the day in honor.

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    Grandparents Day-September 9th

    The date of this holiday varies because it falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This is a holiday that should be celebrated more so now than ever, in my opinion. Many grandparents these days are raising their grandchildren and therefore are more "parent" than "grandparent" but they should have a day to just be the grandparent.

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    Patriots Day-September 11th

    This is an obvious date to celebrate but it's a fairly new holiday. This, of course, is the anniversary date of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York where almost 3,000 people died. President George W. Bush proclaimed this a holiday in 2002.

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    National Custodial Day-October 2nd

    This is a very overlooked holiday. Custodial workers are the ones who keep our buildings and businesses clean and presentable to the public. School custodial workers have to pick up after a bunch of little rug rats, hospital custodial workers have to clean up after a lot of sick people; it's a dirty job and these are the people who do it day in day out. They should be celebrated.

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    Shay's Birthday-November 4th

    While this isn't a holiday yet it should be. I would like for everyone to have the day off so you can shop for my birthday present and attend the parties given in my honor. If you can't think of anything to get me cash is great. I've sent my resolution for this day to the White House and am currently awaiting the official proclamation of Shay Day! There should always be cake and cookies everywhere I go that day and everyone should bow when I walk by.

    Shay Hill