Schools are always finding new ways to raise money for events. Some sell coupon cards, candles, cookie dough or candy. Then you run across something that is unique and fun. Recently, we were 'dumped' on by Wylie Project Graduation. Read on and I'll explain!I'm sitting in the living room the other night when a truck pulls in front of my house. I see a couple of people get out and walk to my porch but no one rings the door bell. Then they get back in their truck and drive off. My mom, says "they left something out there". I get up to check it out and what I found is hilarious.

A toilet, yes, a toilet. I felt a little like Ms. Hilly from the movie The Help. She walks out and finds a lawn full of toilets. I only found one, pink, highly decorated toilet with a note attached. The note contained instructions on why we had received the toilet and how to have it removed.

It's part of Wylie's Project Graduation fundraiser. They place the toilet on your lawn and you make a $25 donation to have it removed by their staff who are 'potty trained'. Then you let them know who you would like to be the next recipient of the potty. However, it can be returned to your lawn if you don't purchase the insurance for an extra $15 donation.We absolutely paid for the insurance!

We had fun with this, especially trying to figure out who sent it to us, since our kiddo is only an 8th grader! Then, of course, we had to figure out who we were going to send it on to next. Raising money doesn't have to be a lot of work or boring, make it fun and you will be surprised the amount of participation (and funds) you get in return. So if you see a pink toilet in someones front yard, you now know, what it's all about.