A woman has been overcharged more than once at Wal-Mart and decided it was time to do something about it. She went to court against super chain store Wal-Mart and guess what? She won!

Mary Bach, an AARP Consumer Advocate, went to Wal-Mart and bought some groceries. She bought a package of sausages that were marked 98 cents but when it rang up for $1.00 she pointed out the mistake and the cashier gave her the lower price. However, a week later Mary went back bought the same sausage still marked at 98 cents and still ranging up for $1.00.

That's when Mary decided that this might not just be a small mistake but made a case that Wal-Mart does a "bait & switch" type move. Over charging just a bit so that it's not that noticeable and knowing most people wouldn't make a big deal about it. She obviously had a good case and or lawyer because she won the case receiving $180 from the chain.

Wal-Mart disagrees with the courts and is considering an appeal in the case.

I have to say that this has happened to me more than once and not just at Wal-Mart though. If it is marked a certain price they are suppose to give you that price or at least they should. In fact this happened to me just about a month ago on some toothpaste I was trying to purchase.

The toothpaste I was purchasing was apparently in the "wrong spot, someone (a customer) had misplaced it thinking it would be funny" that's the answer I got from management anyway. After the second tube rang up that way I told them they might need to send someone over to that department to get things straightened out then. They didn't seem concerned over it and I didn't buy the toothpaste...so they lost a sale.

I think this woman was totally justified in her case and I'm glad she won.

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